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December 04, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge - Days 21 Through 30

Whoa!  The months of October and November went by in a blur.  I'm finally wrapping up my October Photo Challenge... over a month later, but better late than never!

Day 30
Self Portrait:  I really hate pictures of myself (it's so much easier being on the other side of the camera) so was not pleased to see that there were two days to the challenge that required a self portrait, but, here I am.  Taken with my boys, Brutus and George, using my remote trigger.

Day 29
Black and White: A pen I have sitting on my desk. 

Day 28
Flowers: The tulips I have sitting at the top of my bedroom stairs.

Day 27
From a Distance: Taken at the Prairie Wolf Dog Park in Lake Forest.

Day 26
Close Up

Day 25
Something Pink:  What can be more pink than Barbie?!  My niece's Christmas present, waiting to be wrapped up.

Day 24
Animal:  I have this little guy hanging on my tree.  I love the 70s vibe he has going on.  :)

Day 23
Sunflare:  I had to dig into my archives of photos for this one considering the sun is barely ever shining anymore now that it's winter. 

Day 22
Hands:  My darling husband's hands. 

Day 21
Faceless Self Portrait:  My feet while relaxing and watching one of my favorite shows, Cupcake Wars.

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